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Something about my Fursona and Protogen


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As I currently try to outline what species my fursona could be I could narrow it down to something like a Dragon or a Protogen. Actually I stumbled across latter a few months ago and I'm fascinated about them as they also involve a severe amount of technology. I was wondering if this species as it may be a little off the common could be considered accepted throughout the furry fandom especially thinking about fursuits on conventions. From what I've seen the majority of fursuiters still uses an animal-based fursona for their suit.


When I was creating my fursona, I thought about the same thing, about protogens being fairly common and that I wanted something new.
My advice if you want to be a protogen, add some features that make it you.

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From what I understand, not having a protogen myself, is that there's certain.... limitations that the species creator has put that has made them... sadly nonviable to me as a species that I'd specifically like to "customize" (read: Can't be quadruped, head shape is predetermined, no wings, etc). I'm not the type to be something that looks particularly... "mainstream". I gotta be me! :D

That aside, they're still cute and all, and can be unique, just.... not to the degree that rrrreally makes me want one. :D


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Hmm, definitely something to consider
I think having a unique fursona is more than a unique coloring of the fur and a few horns. I should definitely have a deeper look at the guidelines to see how far this could go. (Though I still learn how to draw, so until now I don‘t have that much to show...)