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Something Happens to the User Above You...


The Mistbinder
But what is it? That's for you to decide. It can be positive or negative. It can be something you do, or just some random event.

Just keep it SFW, though.


Magepunk Fashionisto
You have a smashing day at a party with your closest friends, and the food you took home afterwards fed you for three meals!


Well-Known Member
you walked into the wrong neighbourhood


Smartass skunk
A rumbling shakes your home, and you stand up, just in time to be knocked to your feet by a thunderous roaring crash. You get up to investigate and run outside. A crater where your front porch used to be stops you in your tracks. As the dust and smoke clears, the Tiangong-1 Chinese space station is revealed, a little worse for wear given that it just crashed into the earth's atmosphere, unfortunately annihilating your front porch. You hear a metallic hissing sound and the hatch opens. Out steps two aliens!

Shocked, you step forward, trying to be non-threatening. You raise a hand in a symbol of peaceful greeting when the aliens stop you and say, "We have something for you." Cause you know, aliens speak english and stuff that's how they work. Anyway, you take a slim piece of paper in your hands and look at it. The letter says the following,

Thank you for participating in the Sims - Earthling Addition. But your game has been discontinued.

IT's HAPPENING!" You scream as your skin swells and bursts into a million ants.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
You wake up in a sweat; the room feels far too hot. That's when you realized you've been zipped into a cute, cozy, pair of MLP Pinkie Pie Pajamas. Snarling and hissing, you tear them off, but as you look in the mirror...you notice that your white fur is now...bright pink!


Bad Fox
You consumed copious quantities of sugar and went around demanding TP for your bunghole.
A little gecko climbed into your house through an open window and has been trying to sell you car insurance for about three hours now. He will not leave. He just wants to help you save 16% or more on car insurance. You are so tired.


Call me FLUuFFFFEH || The Original Floater
You drop your phone inside of a wall and can't retrieve it. Whoopsies .

Monsieur Doveteux

The Local Grammarian
Your favorite book/TV series ends on a terribly unsatisfying cliffhanger, and it isn’t continued.


You make friends with a grizzly bear who teaches you the powers of time travel. You join him on an adventure to introduce poetry to dinosaurs.


You become promoted to the highest position in this guild and spread you inspiration to every baby seal in the arctic, encouraging them to never shy from creativity and fun!