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Something We All Can Do To Help Prevent The Next Big Downtime


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True that.

I drew something that I think really expresses a lot of this dilemma FA seems to be having, though. Half-vent, half-laughing at ineptitude.

This is cute.

Excuse me if I'm repeating.
Considering a rewrite is unrealistic, FA needs some adjustments to maintain itself and streamline its output. These might include:

Elimination of notifications in favour of a feed.
Pruning of shouts when more than 30 have been made, per userpage.
Loading comments dynamically beyond the initial 100.
Removal of no-content, no-login accounts after 2 years.

A number of revisions and small optimizations like this could make all the difference.
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I have 95.397 notifications right now.
Has the "Nuke all submissions" button been fixed? In the past when I wanted to nuke everything the system told me that wouldn't work and that I could only remove a certain amount at a time.

The whole notification management always seemed like a huge hassle to me because the system is clunky to use so I never bothered removing them... I could imagine that other users have a similar issue which could be why most of the notifications don't get removed...


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Really, it took 7 damn years to implement a PRUNING feature to this site? Seriously, sometimes I wish Yak was more of a social person and not some shut-in in the asscrack of the former USSR doing his own thing. I think more than half of the issues with the database and general coding is because he refuses help outside of his little clique of staff friends on FA...or something like that.

He is at fault for the general lack of progress and Dragoneer as secondary for not being aggressive enough. This site is stagnant from 8 years ago, we need an overhaul already. Not every website keeps the same face forever. Sometimes you must have outside help and not just within the circle of friends.

/Cynical and longterm FA user
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