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Request: Sona!!

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
I have a description and some stuff someone did in Second Life for my new Sona! Please let me know if you're going to do her, anything works!

Melissa is a 6'3 tall dragoness that weighs around 240 lbs. She has a DD cup bust that borders an E cup. Her hair is messy, but not unruly, and parts to the right. She has dark purple eyes and a boxy, but somewhat curved muzzle shape. She is colored in lavender, with a pale gold underbelly. Her markings consist of pale gold stripes around her wrists, a clouded moon on the back of her left shoulder, and circles around her eyes. Her body type is a mix between slim and heavyset, with her torso being slim, but her legs and arms being rather thick.