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Song for Pic

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Alright, i'm looking for a new avatar, so I am going to do it the fun way :D

I'm no artist with a pen, but give me a guitar and i'll wow ya ;D

I would like to trade a song for an avatar.

I write you a song, you make me an avatar. (Incase that needed to be explained)

If you are interrested, tell me what song you want and show me a sample of your work. Here's some of my work:


I can't wait for FA to come back online so I can link to all my work @.@

Now: The avatar. I want a face shot of my avatar peering at you with one eye closer than the other, like he's leaning in. With a manic look to his eyes, and even though he wears a mask over his mouth, you know he's smiling evilly. That's all.

If you want your own song, whether it be a theme, or just a song you wrote that you wantedm usic to, I can do it. I have over 70 songs under my belt (most are on the FA account, but that's okay, it'll be back soon :D) So I can/will deliver what you want :D

Who is up for a trade!?


Saint Beast
Sorta like this?

Obviously you don't owe me a song because I didn't ask first and the quality is kinda...eh.
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