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Songs that brought Tears to Your Eyes


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I just came across this song in one of my old playlists. Legitimately had me tearing up in the first ten seconds. (If you've played Crisis Core, you know why.)

bruh I legit saw this and was like "whoa I should send this song to Tallow" then realized YOU posted it.....


DM me your favorite dinosaur

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The song in the spoiler hit me really hard when I first heard it. A fair warning, it is a song about suicide.
A song with no lyrics might be a weird choice, but this track in Pokemon Sun & Moon always makes me cry. Doesn't it sound like saying goodbye to a person you care deeply about, not knowing when you'll see them again?


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The whole movie, but this song especially.


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Not everyone will understand.
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"See You On The Other Side" by Ozzy Osbourne tears me up every time I hear it. I sang it to my dog as he was being put to sleep.