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Sonic World Adventure/Sonic Unleashed


Woof Woof?


Hopefully they decide to let you play as super sonic throughout the game after you beat it, that's one thing I really liked about sonic 3...


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
What about that DS one?


Restless and lonely Dragon
New Sonic? ^^
Wanna have it.

But it seems Sonic gets a punching beast. That's not good, only the sonic-like-always-running-Sonic is the real one!


Kamikaze Kirby
It looks like Sonic's finally getting back en route. This is looking more like the classic Sonic games. <(^-^)>

Though, I will admit, Sonic and the Black Knight does attract my attention that bit more. <(<.<)>


Is not ****ing interested.
I don't know what the fuck SEGA has been doing ever since they released Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
*still playing Sonic adventure* just seem Sonic Team (I dont say sega for sonic no more since Sonic Team got full rights to Sonic) Realize, Side Scrolling Good, full 3D ok, so why dont we merge the two, Oldies get their classic Side scrolling ways, and still go 3D