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Sooo... Do you think species choice reflects a person's personality?


It's a fucking wolf. Just because it can stand in snow for long periods of time don't make it special.

It's worse actually. Because all wolves are white, black, or gray amirite?

Edit: except willow
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What kind of Question is OP's. Half of the time furries don't even know enough about the animal to even make that kind of informed decision. It's all fantasy bullshit.

Hell, I've seen "snow leopards" that hail from texas and have likely never even experienced a chilly breeze.


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Well, then what's the sterotype for arctic animals, more specifically arctic wolves?

I've seen polar bears mixed in with fatfurs.

STrange though you'd think they'd be loved by people who like webbed paws.


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Fox is just what I've been called since I was like 10, probably on the count of how much trouble I could get in and then be cute to fox my way out of it. Whatever the reason I don't exactly know but people are drawn to certain animals. Why they pick that animal is one of those questions that are better left at a question, because it really doesn't matter. no offense OP =^_^=

Springwater June

Springwater June
Maybe...but I am fast, seemingly aloof, but really silly and affectionate.


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I'm a fox cuz I like foxes. I feel awakward about sluttyness.
I have plenty of booksmarts but am not particularly witty.


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Plus Trp, you're a Eastern dragon. Those are not the batshit crazy ones.

Only the Western dragons are loony.

YES...I can say this from first hand experience!

As for stereotypes:

Avians: Usually sociable but weird.
Foxes: Foxes tend to vary.
Wolves: Usually a little bit silly and loners. More like you'd expect coyotes to be.
Coyotes: Spiritual, usually with a mischievous/perverted nature.
Equines: Calmer than most other furries. More patient and gentle, but take a while to warm up to others.
Domestic Cats: They vary, but they are usually a bit selfish and stubborn.
Tigers: Masculine and domineering. Usually masculine even if female.
Cheetahs: Cheetahs are a little conceited and apparence focused.
Kangaroos: Usually motherly even if male. Loving and friendly.
Dogs: Very good friends. Most don't tend to take sides.
Dolphins/Whales: Fun-loving and silly. A bit perverted.
Western Dragons: Quirky and moody. Wise and benevolent one minute, burning down villages the next.
Eastern Dragons: Calmer and more benevolent than western dragons. Usually weaker inside and more sensitive.
Kitsunes: Flirtatious and playful. Sense of humor.
Reptiles: Usually pretty nice, fairly quiet people, based on the alligators I have met. Not entirely comfortable socially.
Raccoons: Silly and cute, but can also have a "bitchy" side.
Squirrels: Bouncy, energetic, and playful.



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my 'sona has no real species or anything besides being just 'some dog thing' does that mean i have no personality :[


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You forgot shiny things. Dragons like shiny things. My 'main' persona (which rarely gets used around actual furries) is a dove, but my alt, Cree, is a batshit crazy dragon. Nova's assesment for me: A+