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Soooooooo any Linux users out there?


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Currently using Ubuntu 20.04 and it works very well for most of the things that I need to do. I have it installed on an SSD and I am amazed at how fast it boots.


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I use Manjaro KDE w/ latte on my desktop, but still have Windows dual booted for games and such. Also have a raspberry pi 4B 2gb with raspbian. Hoping to get a HTPC/NAS server, running a Plex server and Steam cache set up soon. Probably going to run Debian for that.

I really like how I have gotten my desktop to look.
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I mainly use Manjaro KDE, I try to use it for as much as I can. If it wasn't for Easy Anti Cheat not functioning with Proton/Steam Play, it would be my only and primary operating system.