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Soooooooo any Linux users out there?


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windows10 is garbage tbh, i run manjaro currently. . . for now, might switch it up. . .
On its own merits, I'd say yeah, the Linux distros are way better. Unfortunately, Windows 10 benefits big-time from the Network effect. If I was more interested in the OS and driver side of things, or less interested in gaming, I would definitely be using Linux exclusively.

I'm wondering though, is there like a list of hardware, peripherals and computers, that are well supported in Linux (as well as in Win10)? I would definitely like to take that into consideration in my future hardware purchases.

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At a glance, I thought this thread was titled "Soooooooo any Latinx users out there?" and it just about triggered me.


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Extremely random note, but I just found out that the DarkPlaces project, a modernization of good old Quake to use fancy OpenGL rendering with tons of eye candy (full dynamic light & shadows, high-res textures with parallax mapping etc.) works on Linux, just like that. One less reason to boot into Windows...
I'm currently being DDOSed on my connection, one of the attacks succeeded and shutdown my PS4 while watching Star Trek on Crave.
According to my router logs, most of the attacks are happening at night.
Is there a way to change my modem IP address?


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I use Linux for custom software development and sometimes work with https://mlsdev.com For small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who need custom software development for their websites, a dedicated web development team can provide you with cutting edge technology to enable you to stay ahead of your competition. For large companies looking for custom software development, however, this article is a quick guide to understand the nitty-gritty of custom software development and can help you better understand the stages of web development such as requirements gathering, actual programming, testing, and finalization.
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I just switched over from Arch Linux to Pop OS on my System76 machine and I'm liking it so far. The default window manager's tiling mode is not so bad for someone used to i3, but not as configurable as I'd hoped. There was no particular reason for the switch other than that I kind of ran out of patience configuring Arch once I ran into issues with my graphics card and knew that S76 (who maintain Pop OS) definitely would have solved this already. So I'd chalk that up to proprietary software from NVIDIA being demonic than any particular failing on Arch's part.

Also, if anyone does stuff with audio on Linux and wants to try out pre-release software, pipewire is an incredibly promising project. I just tried it out over the weekend and it worked surprisingly smoothly for being v0.x. Basically (my understanding may be lacking!) it tries to emulate and/or replace all 3 of the major audio backends out there (pulse, alsa, and jack) in such a way that everything can interop well, there's decent backward compatibility, and the best features of each backend are maintained. Highly recommend, and it looks like it's soon to become the default on a couple distros. I believe it already is on Fedora, who sponsor pipewire's development.