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Sort of an Art Trade

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Heres The Deal - short and sweet.

YOU - Draw one of 8 characters, full color prefered (EMAIL me for the references at katiehanlon@nesteggstudios.com) These characters will be used as each of our volunteers "personas"

Some are furry some arent, some are alien and other things. But you will have your choice.


1. Do an article on your artwork on Nest Egg Studios site

2. Place a featured piece + price list of yours on Nest Egg Studios site

3. Mention you on 4 of Nest Egg Studios business myspace accounts

4. Credit you on a new site opening in october which is directly affiliated with our current site Nest Egg Studios.com.

5. Credit you in any future publishment that we use the piece in.

Nest Egg Studios will be featured in JANE magazine in august!

the site link - http://www.nesteggstudios.com
Not open for further replies.