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sorta newish (not really) bored artist open for requests and/or trades

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The Gangrenous Punk
yur, im sorta new, ive been drawing for three years but this is my first year of seriously doing art. i really need the practice as i am trying to get into an art school after i graduate, so i am open for trades and requests. theres a link to my FA page in my siggie

hearts for everyone <3<3<3<3

~love from semi-high on prescription drugs Trubsinn~


Sexy TransBoi
you do know what a herm is, right?

but anyways heres the stats:

Name: Jaqi Terianus
Age: 23
Species: Jack Russell Terrier
Gender: Herm/Shemale
Height: 5' 2
Hair: Light Brown style reference:
http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/7398/011hr5.jpg mature
Eyes: Golden Brown
Fur: traditional jack russell colorings reference:
Other: large breasts (think d or dd), large cock (like 9 inches...and thick) if you decide to draw hir yiff/nude, drives a harley
Normal Outfit: Black leather miniskirt, tank top, motorcycle boots, and biker gloves(all black)
Occupation: Biker

Preferred actions/poses- getting hir cock sucked...or riding/posing with hir harley

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/398914/ mature
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