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Southern California is difficult


Live in the now, the present moment
me did some research on anthropomorphic conventions and meetups near me. Me sent a request on meetup.com, but no reply ever given to me from meetup. Me based in southern California area. During this covid-19 time extremely difficult to meet; before covid-19 there are barriers for me to meet others. me seeking a cute twink boy or even a girl 4 friendship either non-sexual or sexual. Me has a shy bashful personality however


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I'm in Southern California myself and I haven't attended a con or a furmeet here in years. When Covid dies down in hoping that'll change


Where in Southern California are you at? I’m in the IE, and in a couple of Telegram groups. It’s a cool way to stay in touch with other locals during the pandemic.


Has anyone been to the Prancing Skilltaire? I only learned about it during the lockdown, but I can't wait for it to start up again after things return to normal.