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Space Available for FA:U 2019


Packlion Industries
Hello everyone,

Being as it seems that I haven't gotten any responses to possibly rooming with anyone I have decided that I would purchase my own room and am now offering room space to those seeking to attend FA:U 2019.

I will be arriving on Thursday 10/03 and checking out on Monday 10/07.

My only requirements are that you be 21 or older, clean (daily shower, keep your used clothing properly put away), respectful and hopefully a cordial roommate. Gender or sexual orientation is unimportant. I'm asking $150 for all four nights. Looking for people who are interested in all four nights, not planning on taking on anyone who is only asking for a partial stay.

I, myself, am a clean individual (shower daily) of 36 years of age. I pride myself on being a relaxed, respectful and easy going person. I will be bringing some board games with me and one suitcase. I request that lights out be at some point before the sun comes back up, so any time before 5am would be preferred.

Looking forward to hearing possible responses.
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