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Space Station 13 - Yawn Wider Station


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Look for us in the server listing for Space Station 13!

Yawn Station is a server based on the Byond Engine, Using the Vore Station code, with a friendly staff, and small but dedicated player base, Where you can roleplay as many things while on the station
Possibilities are almost endless given your imagination

Yawn Wider Station, or formerly Yawn Station is a server based around life on a space station, with well, Furries onboard, this has some fun to it, the server features many things such as

Vore Mechanics ((Optional))
Erotic Roleplay Allowed
Large Area for character customization
Many Possibilities for roleplay
A fun way to waste time and have fun with friends
A proper 2D spessman experience for furries where you aren't going to toolboxed in the back of the head
A proper staff willing to help you learn and take your complaints if need be.

I am willing to take questions if need be

We have many jobs that you are able to do on station, and with enough people, we wish to have a productive and proper server, we usually even out on 10 players, however we wish to grow to 30 or more.

As with all games, Have fun and enjoy your time.