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Speak one thing, type another


Blue Frog | Avatar by Lenago
The poster above will write two sentences for you: one to be spoken, another one to be typed. Your goal is to do both actions at the same time and show us the results!

User 1
Speak: Can skunks spank in Spanish?
Type: Moronofox or Foxymoron?

User 2
Result: Moronofox ior Foxygnir?

Speak: I love eggs.
Type: I hate bread.

User 3
Result: I hate bread.

Speak: I wanna eat chocolate.
Type: I wanna drink milk.


Got it? There's two simple rules:

1) Don't try to correct what you've done. Whatever you have typed, is typed and you must move forward. Congrats if you managed to do it right!
2) Typing/Speaking speed don't matter, but if you happen to finish saying the Speak sentence first, you must stop typing.

Now, YOU, my following poster: begin this game by trying the Speak and Type sentences made up by "User 3". After that, create two brand-new sentences for the next user, and let's keep the madness going!

Again, here's my sentences for you:

Speak: I wanna eat chocolate.
Type: I wanna drink milk.


Late Healer Ferret
I wanna dinkl milk

Speak: Not too bad
Type: I am hungry


What a wonderulf day.

Speak: Sunshine is sunny
Type: Moonshine is moony