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Special commissions for October~ Test Tube Creatures!


Noir Fetishist
In addition to opting for a Hallowe'en-flavored commission from me of any type, for the month of October I'll also be doing these fun special themed commissions for only $25! Here is an example of what they look like, though bear in mind my skills have refined somewhat since then: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9433476/ Here's how it's going to work...

After payment is confirmed and relevant references or descriptions are given, you pick one of these themes:
~ Feral Were-Beast (comes in snarly and extra-snarly)
~ Mutant Monster (extra limbs/heads/eyes/tails, weird or altered markings, tentacle hair, etc.)
~ Stitched-Together (think Frankenstein's monster, enough said)
~ Sci-Fi Experiment (similar to the example above; alien-like, cyberware, bionics, you name it)
- If you want extra theme-specific embellishments around the tube, add $5.

After you pick a theme, also make sure to pick what color you want the weird goo to be! Or you can always leave it up for me to decide. I request at least a little bit of artistic freedom with these, but feel free to give me basic parameters or certain specific details you want, like extra heads or a third eye. I will be doing all of these in either black or sepia pens and Prismacolor markers.

I can also ship these! Make sure to provide your address if this is the case, as shipping is different depending on location.

Payment is through PayPal only. I would prefer you email me at greedyabsinthe[at]hotmail.com since it's easier to keep track of correspondence, but if you don't like email you can still note me on the main site instead. I'm opening for five slots for now but I will be opening up for more once these are done (I'll update this thread).


Thank you all for looking.