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Special, sincere request...


Long story short...I've known this friend of mine for 5 years, and he's a really close friend...Like a brother to me. He was gunna come down and see me this weekend and just spend the weekend, after his gf broke up with him...and then tonight his grandfather had a stroke..and passed away during the night. His grandfather was like his dad, that's just how close they were.

I'm currently drawing him a pic of me holding him I drew a pic for him here, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3921657/
...but really, I'd love if some of you guys could help as well. Pitch in a bit for me...Draw him, draw us both...Draw something happy for him...Just help me help him, in some way. He already knows I'm here for him, but I'd love if someone could draw something to help get him (and me...i'm still bawling my eyes out) through this difficult time. He adores art of all kinds, so I know it'd help.

The only real ref I have of him is this:

He's just a black housecat with a gray chin, a bit of blue hair and blue tipped ears.

If you offer to draw us both together, my refs are in my sig. I don't care whether you draw us together, or him alone. Just anything will help.

Many pleases and thank yous go out, for even taking the time to read this, for everything.

Also, just in case someone doesn't believe me/thinks this may be just an attempt to get free art with a lame excuse..His journal is right here explaining it.
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He who shale be ignored...
I shale do it!...but well the soonest I could show you it would be with horrible laptop cam quality =w= but then can give you a good quality copy after july 10th ^^