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Species that go well together?


It's a TRAP!
No it probably equals an abominable chimera that probably can't function too well. Somewhat like the bad guy at the end of The Fly II.


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a bunny and an iguana!

idk, just seemed like something nobody has said yet


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It is true but not because foxes are sluts.

It is true because only the worst of furries would actually choose a S.O. based on their fursona :V

lol, I tend to agree that not All foxes r sluts. I was sayin' that foxes generally go well w/anything is all :p.


I tend to pair things up by like their region of origin and body types
such as jackalxhyena, giraffexzebra, the "most plausible"
likewise I also like doing a hunterxhunted thing
wolfxrabbit, wolfxsheep, rabbitxfox, lionxsheep, bearxdeer, dragonxllama...