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Specific Pose Art, Full body, Color, Max $60


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I am looking for a picture of my specific character dressed similarly to another specific character in a specific pose! It's very specific!

My character is a hare that can be seen here:

I would like him dressed in a similar manner to Max Geiger from the Fantasy Strike universe (Yomi, Puzzle Strike, Flash Duel):
(Who, in turn, seems to look a surprising amount like Hoenheim from FMA...)
I would like my character to wear the same suit, including vest, jacket and pants, but I want to retain my trademark scarf as well. I also do not want to have the character wear any shoes.

I would like my character to be performing Geiger's special move Flash Gear, as seen on one of his cards:
However, I would like the pose to be turned about 45 degrees toward the camera, and involve the character hopping into the air while doing it. Here is a screenshot of a three-dimensional model of an approximation of what I think this would look like:

I would like the character to look quite excited and competitive, enjoying the implied combat and his own extreme fighting style. I would like it to be a full-color piece. A generic background is fine, and it should be similar in color scheme to the one shown on the Flash Gear card (yellows and blacks).

I am looking to spend no more than $60 on this piece. I am hoping to have it done within no longer than 2 week - sooner is better, but neither do I wish to pay extra for a rush job.


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Hello! I believe I can help you with this. I do complex digital pieces in cel shade for $45.



If you're interested, please drop me an email and we can discuss further. :) raijirou@gmail.com


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I would really love the chance to do more action Poses, and my prices aren't very expensive.
Heres an example of an action pose,..with clothes. http://www.furaffinity.net/full/12398852/
All my info is in my signature, but you can note me here as well. I hope you get what your asking for :3




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I am interested in doing it. I'd charge twelve dollors for full color, soft shaded, digitally lined and if you'd like a complicated background its an extra 5 dollars here's an example of a piece I'm currently working on: http://sta.sh/02eijtsm4s0g
This is what I usually draw men like(the first two are kind of older, but they show my style):

I can have it done within the two week time period as well. I'd be really happy to work with you, thanks for your consideration.


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Hi, I'm interested, my art is high quality and very cheap (14$ for a full work), you can check my gallery here or here, you can also check my webpage for more information on price lists and work conditions at http://mdsnandujar.wix.com/cmworks.