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Spectral Shadows: Looking for Artists


Niko Linni
Hello everyone.

If you've been to other places in the forum, or just seen me post, you've no doubt seen that there's a little web series called "Spectral Shadows" stuck to my signature. What is this? Well, it's a long running sci-fi/fantasy series done by furry writer Perri Rhoades. It follows the adventures of various characters through time and space, but seems to focus on the adventures of brothers Jon and Rael Ommandeer and their human friend, Christine James.

The series is also chock full of various in jokes at anything the author's ever been interested in, from anime to movies to progressive rock. And also contains a fair amount of allegories and commentaries on this, that, and the other thing. The series was planned for some 30 or so serials, but so far only 1 has been completed; 2 is on indefinite hold and 11 is the current "Active Serial". There's still the Outline for the story Perri gave me that I also need to upload somewhere.

So, as you've probably guessed, Mrs. Rhoades is looking for some artists to draw artwork for her series. As you'll see, should you choose to check it out, a lot of her artwork is done by Tigers Kitten, but there's been a couple other artists here and there who have done art for her too. As far as terms and conditions goes -- you'll have to contact her yourself. You can find her FA page here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/perrirhoades/