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I forgot how much I loved watching speedruns until they were brought to my attention in the "Artful Games" thread just recently.

Watching people dissect every section of every level and then execute their plan flawlessly just leaves me speechless, especially when the game is extremely hard.

So I guess just post some speedruns, and try some of your own if you feel up to it!
We could even pick some games to speedrun if anyone's willing to try.


Super Mario Bros. 3 may not be the world's most technically demanding game (and certainly doesn't take long with the whistles), but I remember being stunned when I first saw people beating the game in 11 minutes. This was the first game I had ever watched a speedrun of. Some of the 100% runs are much more exciting.
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I love these stupid things. My favourites are Metroid runs, be they reverse suitless or regular style. There's a TAS of Super Zero Mission floating about, I think it's worth your time if you enjoy speedruns or Metroid.

It's amazing what some people can make a game do. This is my favourite example, the TASer takes Pokemon Yellow and completely breaks it to do what he wants (skip to 10:26 for the MAGIC):




Some of those jumps are glorious. E1M3 grenade jump always gets me moist.


And this one is just silly. Love the Icarian Flight use.

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I enjoy 100% speed runs
Speedruns? I'm ALL over those. First lemme give you all this. http://speeddemosarchive.com/
My favorite runners are CrazyGameNerd, Siglemic, Trihex, Paraxade0, Son1cGu1tar, and my friend's brother Beastly242 (who is as good a Trihex in Yoshi's Islad except Trihex shows off better).

But my favorite runs?
F-Zero GX Chapter 2 World record
Melee Target Smash-Compiled
City Escape-Son1cGu1tar
Sonic Unleashed: Apotos Act 2-???
Mega Man Zero ALL-Firebot (he does not get touched in these games in any 100 pt video)
Mario 64 70 Stars-Siglemic

None of these are tool assisted.


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I remember seeing this and being pretty impressed by it. Super Mario Bros. in just under 5 minutes.[video=youtube;kcmKPmj9yeE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcmKPmj9yeE[/video]


Look at this shit.

Oh sweet tittyfucking christ, this is glorious.

Edit: The movement, the timing, those rocket jumps, arch-vile jumps, weapon use... I came.
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Verin Asper

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They got a B?!
I love Sonic speed runs too, it's great when Sonic's actually fast.


Zelda speedruns are the best 'cause people always find these really crazy glitches.
Well there is a difference between Tool assisted and glitch runs these days