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Story-telling Japanese Bobtail
hi, i'm tattle.
i'm n-- oh, what, you already know that i'm new? how'd you find out? is it because i'm posting in this board? aren't you smart.

heugheugh, ok. in all seriousness.

i am not only new to this forum but i am fairly new to being involved with the furry community. i have considered myself a furry for roughly five years but i never got into FA or anything because i was really shy and a little scared to associate myself with such a large community.
that being said! i have absolutely no furry friends and i'm very willing to make some.
it'd be cool to have some people in my life that are actually interested in my hobbies. B)
feel free to pm me or something if you'd like to chat.
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Story-telling Japanese Bobtail
thank you drayx and peaches!

i'm an artist -- typically traditional, but i'm trying my hand at digital and animation. i'm also very passionate about films and video games. c:


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hi there Bob-Tail! I think you'll find it a friendly enough place here.

I'm not an artist, but I prefer traditional art, over digital...and I'm also very fond of film, though one of those fussy, foreign/indie/cult/old film watching sorts. Or, watching cheesy films that are so bad, they're good.

So, a story teller. What sorts of stories do ya tell?

Sergei Nóhomo

Spicey Memes
Shit mate I wasn't ready for this. Now I feel all


Story-telling Japanese Bobtail
@Peaches - you sing? nice! i do too.

@Simo - rad, dude. i write and tell all sorts of tales. most of them involve space, all of them are fantasy/spooky.

@Wither - thank. i like place. i will dominate place soon.

@Sergei - GOOD. BE SCARED.


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Ahoy! Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to talk. :3

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Your introduction was not spooky. I may have cringed a little, though.