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Spotted Yarn Tails? Help? Please?!


New Member
Okay, so I've recently immersed myself into the fabulous, fuzzy world of yarn tails, and I've gotten quite good at them.
Now I want to make one for my own fursona, a cheetah. Only problem is: I have no clue how to go about doing it.
Do I airbrush the spots on? I feel like if I wove spots into the tail with black yarn, it would look uneven and messy and just yuck.
Any ideas?


Have you ever done tie-dye? I think your best option might be bunch up and tie off the parts you want black (after you've made the tail) and dip them in the die. Airbrush would likely be crusty and I agree with your statement on weaving it in.

Hope this helped!


Small spots are pretty difficult. On a good yarn tail the fur is going to act like real fur.

The best "spotted" design I've ever accomplished was this one.

You need a lot of room though to create spots with fur. This tail was HUGE. It was like 2.5 feet and extra thick.

A dye technique might work but I've never personally experimented with dyes or air brushing so I couldn't really tell you how to work that. I guess I should put that on my experiment to-do list.