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Spotty the cheetah. Critique my artworks, please!


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RE: Critique!

Well I don't know what to make of the first one honnestly. The very fact that a dragon that cute is asking for a yiff seems a little out of place. The eye expression is very interesting and the text is very imaginative. The second is a very good example of black and white, very well done.

Arshes Nei

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Spotty_the_cheetah said:

The arm seems a bit too long for the body, I know that may be a style thing but it makes it look a bit odd.
Over all you have a really nice cartoony style. Since our styles are pretty drastically different I dunno how much help I can be.

For the last pic you submitted I agree with Arshes with the arm being too long. I think her hands should come up at least to the small of her back.
I can do a red line if ya want. <3

Arshes Nei

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Ok this is what I could come with, hopefully I kept with in the cartoony proportions in doing this guideline.

I'm not going to say it's absolute, but at least this is what I could figure out with the arm.


Arshes Nei

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I think you have the same issue as the previous one, although I like the legs you need to watch the propotions, and also the neck, I'll see if I can redline again like I did your last pic if you like to give you an idea.

Arshes Nei

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Ok I can't fix all the errors in this but did try to show some "cheats" where you could do changes to fix proportions. (I'm not perfect but this is what I could do)

Since I really scaled the original image back you can't really so much see detailed nudity, just an outline of the body.



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Spotty_the_cheetah said:

I'm not too fond of the first one .. so I won'T critique it..

but the second one looks actually nice ^^

only problem I could see with your characters is that they may be lacking a bit on the personality department ..

Try personalizing them with styles or accesories and hairstyles and it should be perfect ^^
Personally, I'm liking these a lot. Regardless of what anyone says (ANYONE!!), they're better then anything I can do.

Arshes Nei has good tips, but I say good work regardless!