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They/He pronouns please!
Hello everyone! My name is SleepyPyromancer, and I've been a furry for god knows how long haha. It's been a Hot Minute since I've had commissions available, but I'm happy to let y'all know that I'm open once again!

I've got pretty much everything up for offer, from quick sketches to big pieces with full backgrounds, so if you're interested, please check out my prices and examples below~


Further Examples


Bust: Simple - £10 Coloured - £12.50

Fullbody: Simple - £12.50 Coloured - £15

Sketchpage: Simple - £15 Coloured - £17.50
  • +£5 per extra character.​
  • Simple Sketches can have a single colour or gradient fill for no extra charge if requested.​
  • Please specify Bust or Fullbody!​
  • Sketch line colour can be customised, please specify in e-mail.​
  • A Sketchpage is one canvas with three separate drawings on it.​
  • +£7.50 for NSFW​

Further Examples


Bust: £17.50

Fullbody: £20
  • +£7.50 per additional character.​
  • Extremely detailed characters may be charged extra.​
  • Lineart can be filled with a single block colour/gradient free of charge.​
  • Lineart colour can be customised, please specify in e-mail.​
  • Line can be pixel (example 1) or smooth (example 2), please specify which kind you would prefer.​
  • +£12.50 for NSFW​

Further Examples


Bust: £20

Fullbody: £25
  • +£10 per additional character.​
  • Please specify which type of line you would like, Pixel or Smooth. Flat colours will match the line type.​
  • Lineart colour can be customised, please specify in e-mail.​
  • +£15 for NSFW​

Further Examples


Bust: £25

Fullbody: £30
  • +£15 per additional character.​
  • Please specify Line type. Shading will match line and flat colour type.​
  • Line colour can be customised, please specify in message.​
  • Please specify if you would like warm or cold shading, or which two main shading colours you would like (purple darks and orange lights, for example).​
  • +£15 for NSFW​


Further Examples

(only available in full body!)

Sketch: £10

Lineart: £12.50

Flats: £17.50

Shaded: £20

Sketchpage: £27.50
  • +£10 per character.​
  • Sketch or Lineart can be filled with a single colour upon request.​
  • Please specify line type. Flats and shading will match line type if relevant.​
  • Please specify if you would like warm or cold shading, or which two main shading colours you would like.​
  • A Sketchpage is one canvas with three separate drawings on it.​
  • +£10 for NSFW​

Further Examples

Reference Sheets

I offer two types of Reference Sheet; Simple and Complex.

Simple Sheets:-
  • £45 Base Price
  • One or Two images of your character. This can be two different forms, two outfits, or a front and back view​
  • A colour palette​
  • Two accessories OR a marking or tattoo reference​
  • Very limited information about your character, if preferred​

Complex Sheets:-

  • £55 Base Price
  • Three to four character images. This an be multiple forms, front and back views, multiple outfits, or a mix and match between​
  • A colour palette​
  • Marking/tattoo references​
  • Any common accessories or items your character carries​
  • Basic information about your character, if preferred​
+Shading: £15

+NSFW: £15


Further Examples

Images with Backgrounds


Please include a detailed description or reference images of what you want in your background in your message.

+1 character (for every additional character): £15

+Shading: £15

+ NSFW: £15


Further Examples

Tiled Backgrounds

  • A tiled background of three of your characters!​
  • One character may be added for a fee of £10​
  • Backgrounds are similar to sketch sheets, but are actually a seamless tile for you to use as your blog, desktop or whatever background!​
  • Tiled backgrounds are only available as chibi/simplified, and are always full colour!​
  • Shading can be added for a further £10​
  • Please specify shading colour if requested!​
  • Tiled BGs are available with pixel line or smooth!​

A complete folder of references can be found Here, and NSFW examples and TOS can be found Here

All payment is taken through Paypal. Please include your paypal email in your commission message so I can send you an invoice.

If you're interested in a slot, just post on below with what you'd like, and any reference images you have. Or, if you'd prefer your commission to be a bit more private, please feel free to PM me directly!

Thanks for looking <3​
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Hello, by any chance would you be willing to draw a ref for a character that doesn't have a prior image?


They/He pronouns please!

Hey there! I dont have any problems working through text descriptions, so long as they're detailed enough! I might charge a tad extra depending on the complexity, especially if there're elements you want me to revise a couple of times to get perfect, if that's ok?

Would you be interested in a simple ref (two images, front/back, front/side, front/other form, or front/outfit) or a more complex one? Here's an example of my simpler sheets, and the more detailed ones are like the one shown in the first post!
Price wise, Simpler sheets are $35 without shading and $50 with, and Complex sheets are $50 without, $65 with! I'd only charge $15 extra at most for super intricate designs!


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First and foremost, I hear its best to get a flat shaded ref over a shaded one. As for what I am looking for I was wanting a sheet with the standard front and back with a close up on one side of her face and would also like an extra with an outfit. I am looking for a ref of a Peninsular Rock Agama (
) with a lithe proportional frame. For hair I was thinking sticking to straight long hair ending just past her shoulder blades. Moving down and the reason for the close up is on her left side she has a scar down her eye running perpendicular to the black line that runs down her face. The scar starting at her brow ending just under the eye. For her outfit I was thinking of a white linen robe, nothing to over the top.


They/He pronouns please!

Alrighty then! The addition of an outfit bumps this up to a Complex sheet, which, for what you'd like, will just be the flat price of $50! The design doesnt sound overly complex, so I'm not going to charge any extra for that.

Complex sheets come with the option of having some items, accessories, or things to do with the character on them if you'd like to include those, as well as the option for some text about the character! If you'd like me to include either of those just let me know what you'd like over PM (if you'd like text, please send what you'd like it to say too). I'll also send you sketches to confirm everything as I go through PM!

Thank you for deciding to commission me! I take payment through paypal, so please PM me your paypal email so I can send you an invoice! The invoice will be for the first half of payment, as I take payment half after sending you a preliminary sketch, and half after completion. If you'd like to pay in full, though, that's also fine!


4-tailed kitsune
Very nice! Good luck ^_^


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Hi, I'd like to commission an unshaded, simple reference sheet, based on text since I don't have any pics yet. The character is a male North American River Otter named Siniarus, medium height and on the skinny side (not very athletic build), with messy hair. His age is around 16-18
  • The first picture is a regular, full body front view. His fur is mostly brown (#51371a or thereabouts, anywhere near that is fine), and his underbelly/neck/the lower half of his face is tan (#d8af82, as before slight variation is fine). His eyes are blue-green (#4ce0a2, same deal as the other two).
  • The second picture is the same as the first (mirroring the sketch from the first is fine), but made completely out of milk chocolate, except for the eyes.
I'll PM my PayPal e-mail, and if there's any other details you need, please feel free to ask.


smol burd nerd (they/them)
hi i'm looking for some first time art of my lovely little grey jay! I have reference pictures of the species and a fairly detailed description of how I want him anthro'd. I'm interested in one of your smooth flat colors PM me if you're interested!!!


I heard you were selling art?
I can safely say that Sleepy's art is amazing and 100% worth a commission if you are thinking about getting one. The amount of detail and effort that goes into the end product is brilliant, and sleepy goes the extra mile for you as well.
I cant recommend this artist enough