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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Only a Book Smart Nerd

Looks awesome to me, to have all-new the-force-goes-crazy game


Ok, I admit that looks good, though the 2-3 Star Wars games that I remember playing were power battles and episode one on psone so you can understand my reluctance to get my hopes up.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Dark Transparent said:
Looks better every time I see it.

(Omg 300th post for me is this reply)
And no matter what console you have, you will be able to get it


I find the continuity rules of Star Wars amusing. Everything that's come out after the original movies makes these characters seem so much more powerful than the official characters ever were. Vader can pull guns over to him and choke people, but his apprentice can bring down an entire battle cruiser on his own.
Looks pretty awesome, though I doubt I will obtain it. Not my style I guess, not much of a Star Wars person even if the game looks good.



I am sorry to interject;
but it seems to me that it is the first starwars game where you can actually cut something in half with a light saber. If that is not reason anough to get it.