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Starcraft II?


New Member
With HotS coming out in less than a week, I'm trying to get back into Starcraft II. I've been looking for a 2v2 partner who can tolerate the fact that I haven't played in about 3 years.

Former 1v1 Gold Leaguer
Former 2v2 Silver Leaguer

My Blizzard username is mimonol

Feel free to send me an add and a message! Let me know if you add me, please. I don't check it often, looking for more partners so I have a reason to do so. :3

I prefer to chat over Skype while playing, makes life easier since I don't have a headset. :)

Salem Kylar

The Writing Fox
Well, the only reply is definitely a help... But yeah, I'd love to 2v2 with ya because I'm around the same level. My name is salem on blizzard, my battle tag is salem#1380 . Just let me know you're from FA and ill add ya! ALSO, I started an FA clan because there wasn't one. FAFurs and whatnot =P


Evil Incorporated
Ah well mine on US is Achtas#315 and would not mind playing a bit. generally I play Zerg and on EU.. lessee. 2v2 usually goes to high diamond and never did a lot of 1v1s but i did get to Gold very early on. xD;