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Sketchbook: Start Сommissions? Am i good enough? Which way to move?


artist, ready for commissions - pm if interested.
Hello everyone, im sambud and here some of my old art demos,
what do you think about artworks lvl, is it enough to start take comms?

Ready to draw any kind of stuff (any genres/nsfw/sfw), but have no idea where to move,
which way to go etc... Feeling kinda comfortable with most of themes, but

maybe its better to choose one main category to focus and stay inside.

What would you recommend, dear furries?

No idea why, but i got low number of customers, with sure feeling that i can draw much better than all previous artworks,
which i spent around 3 days each (3x 24hrs), -my current art can be way better as result if ill spend
~3-7 days, level maybe about of top quality,
but im not see any users around me, ask about art,
and im trying to undestand why,maybe i choose wrong place to promote my stuff?
Artwork Gallery for sambud -- Fur Affinity [dot] net





More at:
Artwork Gallery for sambud -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
For commissions:
PM/conversation via forum https://forums.furaffinity.net/conversations/add?to=sambud
or use notes on fa www.furaffinity.net/newpm/sambud/
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artist, ready for commissions - pm if interested.
And btw, maybe i should try to find customers for current artworks?
Unsure if its possible or not, but i ill appretiate any of your opinions about stuff here.

Thank you,


artist, ready for commissions - pm if interested.
Tryed to find users who interested in portraits like this, but no success for now.





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I'll try to analyse it quickly.

First thing that catches my eyes is that I don't see your prices anywhere and your commission info tab on your gallery isn't clear. You may want to do a commission sheet with clear information :)
At least, I would have difficulties to order something from you without knowing your prices range before hand.

And you're in what I would consider high level for renders and skills. So I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do commissions, but that doesn't mean there isn't luck and other causes that come into effect. You've posted a lot this last 2 months, but it's "only" 2 months, it takes time to build a fan base. You can still look at what is your most favs pieces and see if that can help you choose what to draw.

On an other note, I think your characters often stand out too much in their environnement. It can be a willing choice, in that case it's cool, but if not, you might want to work on how to make them seem like they are actually inside this environnement (you've done well for the popcorn woman - your sfw demo).

Last but not least, I'm not sure if it's always the case, but on the pieces I've looked at, you choose wrong categories and tags (like YCH or adoptables even if it's not this kind of content, 2d for 3d content and so on). Be mindful of that. If you made a mistake, that's okay, if you're doing this willingly, just stop, it will just make you someone other can't trust.

Hope that helps!


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Your art lvl is definitely enough to take on commissions.
I fully agree with ^ MissNook's advice! I would especially like to stress that some commissioners really shy away from artists that dont have their prices visibly listed and explained. So if you would make a commission sheet, or a fA journal stating your prices, that would probably help.
My comm journal: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN COMMISSIONS -- ruruscube's Journal
My comm sheet: www.furaffinity.net: (OPEN) Commission Sheet 17/18 by ruruscube
They might not be the best out there but they work.
If your prices are very flexible on the subject matter, just saying "this type of commission would cost appr. from $50 to 100$ depending on complexity, so contact me first with your commission details and I can tell you the exact price" would be helpful.

I see you also do YCHs. I fully recommend posting "ych reminders" every like 4 hours or something, and linking back to the original ych post in the description. (if you dont already!) That way more people will notice it.

If you would like to gain watchers a little faster, maybe consider buying an advertisement spot from fA: Advertising -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I purchased the $25/1 Month slot like 3 times so far, and it has really gained me a good amount of watchers- I cant say an exact number, but it was about 200 watchers in total maybe? I also got a few more commission requests during those times. I recommend that, but in the end you posting regular artwork is what is really going to build your fanbase!

And I would also recommend being active in the furry community. Watching artists, and commenting on their art and complimenting them etc. And also watching people who arent artists but have galleries full of commissioned artwork which you enjoy, and also commenting on the artwork in their gallries. Important here is that you are sincere in your compliments, and search out people whose artowrk/gallery really suits your tastes! (Not just spam watching and favouriting random peoples galleries.)

Good luck, your art looks amazing!


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Aside from a lack of clear prices, there is a lack of a solid art style.
Your art confuses me.
There are shifts in rendering styles, color choices, and other things I can't put into words.
As individuals your art is good but if you put them together they look like they've been done by several different people and there is no harmony in your gallery.
Curate your gallery.
Find at least one thing, one art style, one technique you do best and do it well. Then, sell it.

Your avatar/icon should be treated as a preview of what you can do. Having it like that with 3 words in 3 different fonts, colors, and sizes, screams "amateur" to me.
So work on that.

also give these a good listen.