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START HERE: The quick and easy guide to Art Sales and Auctions Threads!

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Hi there! If you're reading this, then you want to post a thread here to Art Sales and Auctions! That's awesome! The Art Sales and Auctions on FAF is a more personal approach (arguably) to getting requests and commissions filled, as well as offering and selling commissions to prospective clients!

I'm here to talk about what you'll need to have a successful thread here at Art Sales and Auctions! Hopefully this helps you in creating a thread that'll meet your needs!

First off, before anything else, when you create your thread... make sure you use Prefixes to denote what you're asking for. What are prefixes, you ask? Prefixes are located in the Create Thread window and are located to the left of the Topic Box.

Before you create your thread, we have to ask a simple question... Are you the client or the artist?

For the Client

If you're the client, then you are essentially limited to the following prefix:
  • Commission (Hiring)
Be sure you ask the following questions in your thread:

What you're looking for - Tell people what you're looking for. This is where you get to post reference photos or text descriptions on what you are looking for in a art piece. Please be sure to follow copyright laws when using other peoples art as references however, as you don't want to get nailed for copyright infringement!

Are you looking for a sketch? Line drawing? Colored? Do you want an icon, bust, or full body pose? Now is the time to asset such things!

What's your budget - ALWAYS post your budget, as that will be the first thing an artist asks you after getting an idea of what you want. Keep your budget sensible. An artist will defiantly not be making a full body, full color piece for $5, so be flexible with the artists prices as well. This number should reflect how much in total you are willing to spend on the piece.

When you'd like to see final product - Generally speaking, artists like to know timelines of when art is needed by, but also be aware that artists will give you a timetable on when they can fit your commission or request in, so be flexible!

Your contact info - Always put some kind of contact information in your thread. If you are uncomfortable in putting your information publicly, make a note that you can disseminate your contact info through PM on the forum.

All in all, your thread should look something like this!

Hi, I'm looking for a full body sketch of my sona standing, holding a big cartoony paintbrush at her side and smiling, looking towards the viewer. Unfortunately, my only reference is my icon, which you can find next to my post! The clothes are totally up to the artist. My budget for the piece is $30 which I can pay through PayPal and I can be contacted through the forum PM system. I don't really have a timeframe for the piece, so please let me know when you'd be able to finish it!


For the Artist

Now! If you are the artist, there's a bit more to add in the way of content detail! Here are a few things you can ask!

  • Commissions (Selling)
  • For Sale / Auction
  • Art Trades
  • Free Art
Some quick notes on For Sale/Auction: If your looking to sell fursuits or fursuiting equipment, you are looking for The Trading Post, located under the Fursuiting & Costuming subforum. Please send all fursuiting and wearable arts there!

Now then! When your looking to Sell Commissions or Auctions you're going to want to have the following things:

Your topic should be exactly what your selling - State in your topic what you are selling to your audience. People live or die by thread topics when scanning for prospective sellers, so make sure you let people know with the first piece of information they see!

Make sure you have examples of your work front and center, along with prices - Prices and artsmanship are the key points for a commissioner, so make sure you have those front and center! Keep in mind that directly embedding images is allowed, but not for NSFW Content. Link to an FA example for NSFW images.

Put a copy or a link to your Terms of Service - Every artist should have some form of Terms to help guide their prospective clients in what they should be expecting when they commission you. Make use of the forum's QUOTE tags or link to your TOS hosted elsewhere.

We approve manually any thread that comes through the system before it appears on this subforum, so please take a look at some other artists threads to see these guidelines in action!

For more help, you can check out some of our other guides for artists: A Commissioner's Perspective on how to get Commissioned and On the Increasingly agitating subject of pricing your art.


Hopefully this is enough to help you get started! We're happy to help and provide a safe, comfortable place to commission and sell art and we look forward to seeing all the amazing works to be created from the marrying of talent and idea!

This thread is a work in progress! If you feel there could be something additional added, clarified, or otherwise modified please drop me a PM and I will mention you here in the credits!

Gazelle <3
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