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Division Zero
hey guys, I'm starting a mini serie of comic strips telling the story of Elih, a pacifist boy who was oblied to enroll the magic army. Where he met a man called Vax, known by everyone as "The Deadly admiral". Vax is a psychopath who entered the army when a young man, to be able to commit murder without being hunted by the justice.

This duality of ideologies will change Elih's world brutally.
I'm new to the community, so your support is very important. I could use some tips and maybe make new friends? :3

Hope you enjoy the 1st page. I'll post another one today later.

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Great art! Might need some improvement in a few places, though. Like in page 4, the villagers are drawn a tad too faintly. Otherwise, keep it up!


Oh my god this is ann amazing concept!! i would love to read this story, I really hope you make more!!
Thank you my friend. I'm certainly working in more stuff. I'm also publishing on Tapas, I believe it's better to read, because the resolution is higher than the furaffinitis'. Also I can make longer episodes. If you like to check ir out: Check out Division Zero on Tapas Division Zero | Tapas