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Started working on an original species! What do ya think? ;)


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Hello, all you wonderful people! I figured I'd make an original species for a book I'm planning. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't create one for yourself. They will not be labelled as 'closed', 'open', or have any specific guidelines. I, personally, dislike these distinctions.

This is still a massive work in progress. I'll update the thread as I come up with more ideas about them.

These creatures are meant to resemble hybrids between a goat, a horse and a raptor. Though, they are from a different dimension, so are not related to any of those animals. They're omnivorous. Below, the blue one is a young female, and the red one is an old male.

What are your general thoughts on the design?




Definitely a unique design! I’m not too sure that I like the appearance that much in comparison with other species, but there are just some species I like and don’t like, just a matter of preference so you do you! If it fits with the world you’re building, by all means don’t let me stop you lol I applaud you for trying to even make up a new kind of species, respect!

Also uh, I’m not too sure exactly what the patterns are inspired by. They just look like smudges of red to me. Maybe some kind of dinosaur perhaps??
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Netanye Dakabi

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so many times i see original species with horns.

as a goat i appreciate the representation but horns are quickly become a fiction or evil thing and not a goat thing.


Just a fox.
The pattern immediately read as Koi to me.

They’re pretty neat! Some very curly toes there. I really like the bulk of their neck and those exposed fangs.

Sam Wamm

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is it just me or are all the carnivora family species on FA just blending all together?

not a comment on the custom species itself here but i feel like i'm getting species blindness and i'll struggle to tell a feliform and a caniform apart.