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(Starter please read)Angel x demon rp 18+


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You’re an angel, you’ve been an angel for ( insert in crazy long amount of time here). You’ve always gotten the short end of the stick so to speak. Even in the academy everyone had it out for you. It was like they all had some reason to hate you. You and the other Angels were always taught that hatred was a terrible thing for an Angel to possess. That it was a sin, that it was wrong and that showing any true extent of extreme emotion that wouldn’t be seen as positive is a bad thing. Don’t get frustrated. Heaven is no place for depression. Trust in your fellow angels and in God. Hundreds of lessons about what it means to be an angel were always drilled into your head.

You were taught from as far back as you could remember to take the phrase perfect little angel to a whole new level. But while you were always taught this and many other lessons that all shouted the same thing you couldn’t help but feel that none of the Angels around you were following in the lessons that they were taught. They would always Snicker at you, bully you in some way. Not directly but somehow you always end up looking like the butt of the joke.

Regardless you pass the academy with flying colors you beat preset records that dated back centuries and you made it look easy on top of that, but you were taught to never have an ego so you didn’t let that go to your head even though part of you really wanted to. You talk to yourself maybe and now that you’ve proven you have what it takes and people will stop treating you like they have been, unfortunately that’s not the case. You find yourself getting reprimanded and disciplined at every turn. You finally get your first mission ever. You’re brought to God’s Tower one of the most sacred places in heaven. God gives you your mission debriefing personally you’ve never seen him before. You are told that a very important secret.

Once every few years the Council of Heaven and the Council of Hell come together and send one angel and one demon down to earth to learn about human culture so that they can better coexist. at this point humans are well aware that angels and demons and Heaven and Hell exist and tension between the three races is a boiling point. Humans believe that death is a terrible thing and avoid at all costs many bargain everything they have to be reunited with loved ones the balance isn’t what it used to be. God tells you to meet up with the demon. And learn as much as you can about the present-day human culture and report back to him in hopes that make him come up with some solution to restore balance regardless of the humans knowledge of their existence.

That the briefing was 5 days ago and you’re running late to get to Earth. God wouldn’t take no for an answer and you knew better than to say no to him anyway. You couldn’t believe that God was making you work with a demon. Even though you knew that he was all knowing and henceforth he was right to do this you still couldn’t help thinking it was messed up. Despite all your training part of you said to yourself. “Why me?”