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Starting a brand new furry PC gaming discord!

Hey guys! As the title says, I've created a brand-new discord server for furs to get together and enjoy some PC gaming with one another. I honestly play many different games myself, so I didn't want to just limit the server to one or two games only as seen in other gaming groups. My goal for the server is instead to host an all-in-one place for furries to meet up, chat, and game together in a friendly and chill environment. I do have some example games that I play listed in the server however, with titles like 7 Days to Die, Skyrim Together, Destiny 2, Age of Empires 2, Borderlands, No Man's Sky, and quite a few others.

So, if this sounds interesting to anyone, just let me know with a direct message or a comment in the thread, and I'll send a server invite to you as soon as I can!


I like 7 Days to Die. I have it on my own server box, though I don't actively play it right now with MHW and now Ark sucking up all my time. I suppose I could check your server out.