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Starting a furry store


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Weapons of mass Distraction?


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promo items, things that will not sell a bad rep or SA will buly you for...


from what I can see from the one continent south of you, many furries have no money to spend. (you can't have prices low enough to not get stiffed on them, trust me)
germany has a shop specializing on sex toys and such, so I don't know if it pays for you to offer them, too. but one can never know.
comics, novels (small press, since those are sometimes hard to come by), art cards and related stuff like prints, t-shirts/longsleeves (though I would concentrate on motives with style, so your customers could wear them all day), mugs and other paraphernalia... if you could offer printing and publishing service this would be great. something like lulu.com, for example.
ears and tails, maybe... thing is, everybody wants their fursuits fitting like gloves, so I don't know if it pays for you to hold them in stock.
plushies, absolutely. if you know someone who can make customized ones, even greater.

good luck, and much success!


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promo items, things that will not sell a bad rep or SA will buly you for...

You understand that being targetted by SA is one of the best things that can happen for the visibility of anything furry?


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but not when they keep pestering you its not, as i gets annoying, every single comment is SA related now thats annoying


Considering that a good amount of 4chan are furries already and the same for many other communities like that, it would be good publicity. You would get the usual crap, but you would also get a lot more people.


thinks Jesus was a comedian.
What's SA? Sounds like a government agency...


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OK so,... looking for suppliers for fanzines etc :)

Come on everyone, link me to stuff I should stock specifically.

What would YOU buy?


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I'd buy cute fox plushies (not enough of those, it seems), tasteful and well-designed shirts, and maybe a poster or something. Depends on what's there, really.
Let's see now ....

Fursuit supplies would be good ... such as patterns, fabric, materials, sewing related things, wide selection of ears and tails, cat bells and collars. Anything one could find on a fursuit really.

I know some furry artists and sites offer to sell cds/dvds of their artwork. Maybe you could contact some of them to see about offering some of their wares at your store?

Mangas and Doujins would be nice.

Tshirts, long-sleeve and short-sleeve, and tanks, maybe even hooded sweaters. A Fur Affinity shirt would be great.

Posters .. posters posters posters of artists' works. Approved by the artist of course. Zen, Wookiee and Karabiner have some amazing works I would love to have as posters to put up on my wall. I love posters!

Of course, you also need the li'l novelty items such as pens, pencils, mugs, keychains, wrist straps, patches, pins, stickers, etc. Paw prints, carrots, tails, a muzzle, heads, etc. Anything that can be associated with furries.

Plushies .... I have a 1/1 scale Chibomon (DemiVeemon) that I got from HobbyLinkJapan a few years back and it's of superb quality and a very great size. I'd love to have more plushies of similar make and style. Would be great to have more large plushies of Digimon but that's a licensed title so I doubt that will happen at this store. However, regular furry plushies of huskies, werewolves, saber tigers, lions etc. in either regular beast mode (four legged) and/or anthro mode (two-legged with handed-paws) would be great! Can you imagine a 1/1 scale four-legged scale tiger in your bedroom that looks soooo realistic with a mouth that can open, is very posable and soft and cuddly? And a werewolf that's 6 feet tall wearing faded, patched, denim jeans that could be hiding .. who knows what .. underneath?!

My main problem is that I live in Canada and I'd be spending many many dollars on shipping alone for all the plushies I want to buy!

My head is so full of plushies now I forgot what the conversation is supposed to be about O_O



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:eek: I would love to buy a furry t-shirt thats not embaresing to wear.
Wolf Plushie. <3
Selling Paws would be cool, I know I would buy a pair. xD


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Everyone's saying furry T-s, any examples of good non-embarassing ones?

(The only one I have is just white with a grey 'Softpaw Magazine' logo on)


I would suggest Harlequin t-shirts from spain. they are high quality, but also pricey. many zoos use them (not the people, the facilities, silly:) ) with their name and logo printed on one sleeve, and I happily pay some 30-45 euros for a tee or longsleeve with a print that refuses to wash out, or is even enhanced with stitchings. the motivs are done by skilled artists, too.
I have a longsleeve thick enough for winter with a tiger on front that sneaks through the underbrush. and the backside has, guess what? right, the tigers backside. :)



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I wish you luck with your furry store It's the first I've ever heard of.*crosses fingers*