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Stats for combat-oriented characters

What is your character best known for in their combat skills ?

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You need a detailed and descriptive profile for your main character's combat skills, but you don't know where to begin ?
I'm here to help you with that :) check this out.

A - [HEALTH] (max 100,000) : "What you need to stay alive."

B - [STAMINA] (max 100,000) : "What you need to sprint, perform special attacks, and execute combos."


I - [STRENGTH] (max 500) : "Improves your melee damage and aiming accuracy."

II - [ENDURANCE] (max 500) : "Haters gonna hate, you just gotta shake the pain off."

III - [SPEED] (max 500) : "You have a much better chance of surviving if you don't get hit."

IV - [AGILITY] (max 500) : "What does your attack mean if you never hit anything ?"


1 - [BLOCK] : "If you can't dodge, stand through it like a Boss."

- [Block] - (20/100) : You can deflect attacks directly from the front without taking any damage.
- [Block] - (40/100) : You're more adapted with the techniques of shrugging off attacks, now capable of defending strikes from both sides.
- [Block] - (60/100) : You're well-trained in defensive style, being able to easily take on several attacks from anywhere in sight. Counter-Attack does half of normal damage.
- [Block] - (80/100) : You've become an Expert when it comes to going face-to-face with almost all types of attacks, even back-stabs. Counter-Attack now does the same damage as normal attack.
- [Block] - (100/100) : You're a Master Defender that can quickly reflex to attacks from any direction and easily knock the opponent off-balance. Counter-Attack now catches enemies off-guard, doing twice the base damage.


2 - [BLADE] : "Balance between damage, speed, range and accuracy."

- [Blade] - (20/100) : You can draw your weapon almost in an instant to do a quick attack to your front for a bit of damage.
- [Blade] - (40/100) : Your force in each swing now can knock enemies back a bit or down, leaving them vulnerable for further attacks.
- [Blade] - (60/100) : You're able to hit every opponent from your side all the way to the other in such attacks with an incredibly large arc.
- [Blade] - (80/100) : You've developed a wide range of moves that allows you to adapt to almost any and every situation.
- [Blade] - (100/100) : You make every inch of the blade count with every swing, even from the moment you draw your weapon. From the smallest Dagger to the most gigantic Claymore and everything in between, you can deliver critical strikes with equal ease.


3 - [AXE] : "Balance between shattering armor and cutting through flesh."

- [Axe] - (20/100) : You're skilled at striking through the enemies' defense where it's at the weakest, giving your attack a 10% bonus to armor-penetration and causing your victims to bleed over time and take 1% of their HP as damage per second.
- [Axe] - (40/100) : Your attack hits deeper and harder, reaching further into your victims' insides, making bigger wounds, now with 20% armor-penetration and 2% bleeding damage.
- [Axe] - (60/100) : You're able to pull off whirlwind-like attacks that hit everyone around you, striking through 30% of their armor and ripping them open for 3% damage per second.
- [Axe] - (80/100) : Your accuracy and force now allows you to easily cripple your victims, ignoring 40% of their defense and increasing the bleeding damage up to 4%.
- [Axe] - (100/100) : Your victims' defense is almost useless against your murderous brutality. In addition to the 50% armor-penetration and the 5% bleeding damge, your attack is able to execute those with their HP lower than 5%.


4 - [BLUDGEON] : "Much cleaner and even deadlier, just a bit slower."

- [Bludgeon] - (20/100) : You're more adapted at using blunt weapons to make short work out of your opponents. Your attacks break enemies' defense by 10%.
- [Bludgeon] - (40/100) : Your brute strength can easily stun or knock your opponents unconscious, lowering their defense by 20% in the process.
- [Bludgeon] - (60/100) : Enemies attempting to block you will be heavily staggered, with their defense broken by 30%.
- [Bludgeon] - (80/100) : Your strike breaks 40% of enemies' defense and now can also weaken their attacks by 25%.
[Bludgeon] - (100/100) : You're a Force of Nature to be scared of, capable of delivering unblockable blows that add to the massacre on the battlefield where you're the ruler. Your attack now shatter enemies' defense and weaken attack by 50%.


5 - [HAND-TO-HAND] : "Good ol' traditional Beat-'Em-Up time."

- [Hand-To-Hand] - (20/100) : Long practice to be independent from weapons and always stay on your toe has toughened your punches and kicks while enlightened your sense to reflex to incoming attacks better.
- [Hand-To-Hand] - (40/100) : You can slip through enemies' defense with ease and are able to drop their guards with various types of throw to leave them open for further attacks.
- [Hand-To-Hand] - (60/100) : You can skillfully maneuver through the battlefield, relying on your balance, the surroundings and even your enemies to build up your attacks more effectively.
- [Hand-To-Hand] - (80/100) : You can easily recover from attacks that would knock you down or away, being able to get back on your feet almost immediately.
- [Hand-To-Hand] - (100/100) : You're a Master black-belt combatant that no-one dares to underestimate, with your hardened body, sharpened sense, enlightened mind and refined balance as your deadliest and most flexible weapon of choice.


6 - [MARKSMANSHIP] : "Never bring a knife to a gunfight."

- [Marksmanship] - (20/100) : You have trained your trigger finger up to the point where you can fire Hand-Guns almost as fast as automatic guns.
- [Marksmanship] - (40/100) : Your accuracy with Shotguns allow you to land almost every single bullet on the target for maxium damage.
- [Marksmanship] - (60/100) : You'll no longer be interrupted by attacks while aiming. The speed of your movement while aiming/firing and your accuracy recovery is much faster.
- [Marksmanship] - (80/100) : You can quickly recover from guns with heavy recoil like Sniper-Rifles, allowing you to land another shot almost immediately. You can now also score critical hits with Launchers and RPGs.
- [Marksmanship] - (100/100) : Your training has reached perfection, you can now keep your aim steady even with automatic guns like Machine-Guns, Assault-Rifles, Mini-Guns and SMGs. You do twice the damage with long-ranged weapons in general as well.


7 - [STEALTH] : "They'll never see it coming."

- [Stealth] - (20/100) : You're harder to be caught if you stay still in darkness. Your sneak attack causes less noise than normal for double damage.
- [Stealth] - (40/100) : You can blend into places with dim lights without being detected, even in closer range. Your sneak attack won't cause any noise at all, and now does 3 times more damage.
- [Stealth] - (60/100) : You can move silently without any penalty of movement speed, being able to get in and out to safety before enemies ever notice you. Your sneak attack now does 4 time more damage.
- [Stealth] - (80/100) : You're nimble and quick on your feet, being able to easily make your enemies lose your track. Your sneak attack does 5 times normal damage.
- [Stealth] - (100/100) : You're an invisible murderer that move with the wind and have shadow at your back. You've mastered the technique to blend in within your surroundings even in your victims' plain sight, and your sneak attack is now 6 times deadlier than normal.

If you're not sure how to build up your OCs' prowess, I hope this can help ya.

There's nothing about magics here, I'm sorry ; it's because magic itself is unlimited and unpredictable, each person can has his/her own style, I can't cover it here.

I make this based on the destiny system in "Kingdoms of Amaleur" and the skill system in "The Elder Scrolls" (specifically Oblivion and Skyrim). If you're familiar with Oblivion, I'm sure you'll have no trouble with this "mechanic" that I built up for y'all.

Some explanation to help you guys understand things better :

- The Blade skill covers Katanas, Machetes, Sabers, Claymores, Daggers and Gladius.
- The Axe skill covers Tomahawks, Battle-Axes, Scythes and Sickles.
- The Blundeon skill covers Hammers, Morning-Stars, Mauls and Maces.
- If you dual-wield the same type of weapon, the effects of your current skill are augemented twice. For example, if your Bludegon is 20 and you dual-wield two Maces, you can break enemies' defense by 20%, instead of 10% like you normally would.


✮ Banter Squad Member ✮
Pretty much a marksman
Health: average
Stamina: average
Strength: about 250-300
Endurance: 400
Speed: 375
Agility: 200
Carisma: 450 (jk)

Block: 10/100
Blade: use of bayonet maybe about 35/100
Axe: nope
Bludgeon: baseball bats or "swatters" 40/100
Hand to hand: 30/100
Marksmanship: 90/100
Stealth: 0/100

If you want to rp or something just drop me a message and i'll be keen to start rping.
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