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Steamy Fresh Commissions, Starting at $5!


New Member
Hello hello! I decided it was high time I reworked my commission thread with some new stuff.

Basic info:
- I take Paypal!
- My No's: Death, excessive gore, underage, bathroom play.
- My Yes's: Pretty much anything else. NSFW and SFW alike!
- Message me privately here or on FA or email me at steampunkepsilonplays@gmail.com to claim a slot!
- NSFW samples here:

Sample 1: X
Sample 2: X
Sample 3: X
Sample 4: X

1. $5 Sketch: B+W, up to 3 characters, may include some minor shading.
$10 Colored sketch: The above, but in flat or spot color!
+$5 for up to 2 additional characters.

2. $20: Clean lines, with spot or block colors. Add $10 for additional characters or complex prop.

3. $25: Flat color.
+$10 for additional characters or complex prop.
+$5 for shading or texture


4. $35: Full color.
+$20 for additional character
+$15 for a max of 5 minor props or 1 complex prop.
+$15 for background
+$5 for color spot or gradient background

PM me or send an email if you're interested. Thanks!