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Stereotypes of Your State (Or Country/Territory)


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
Northerners are "down to earth" to the point of classless. And take pride in being so.


I live in North Carolina, some people have southern accents, but the people vary here in Cary.


"Beep beep mofo! You're supposed to turn on your blinkers when I'm going 205 mph!"
"What the hell is a cow?"


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Apparently I'm supposed to stink and be rude... I really don't know where these two stereotypes come from o_O


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Big butts, soccer, sunny beaches, carnival, streets filled with rabid monkeys ( this one thanks to The Simpsons), bigger butts.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Apparently I'm supposed to stink and be rude... I really don't know where these two stereotypes come from o_O

Don't forget the untamed armpit hair. :V

I've had several teachers who were french. One was very polite, but two of them were extremely rude. x3


I want to visit all of these places. Except NY, been there and it wasn't like that except for the cow part.

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Feeling Loki with it.

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Stereotype about Ohio - that it's all flat farmland. The northwestern and central part of the state IS flat (thank you, glaciers), but the southern and eastern parts are more forested and hilly. The farther east you get, the more hills you run into. Not much there if you're into the urban lifestyle, but it's lovely for people who enjoy outdoor recreation.

Plus - we have a few awesome amusement parks here.


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I live in Bawstin (Boston) so naturally I always pahk my cah in the Hahvid yahd.

Not really though, that would be really expensive.


People think that we all have strong accent (Which I do), but not everyone does
People think that it's always could here, but in the summer it can be 95 degrees and 70% humidity O_O


Florida: Hicks Druggies Racists Idiots Old People A lot of it is pretty true D: But I still love this state, moved here and have no regrets.

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Surfs up dudebro! Lets go get some pot burritos and hipster it up.
Ugh, I fucking hate SoCal.

Should have moved to Washington when I had the chance.