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Nazis, Communists and Antifa don't belong on FA
There are too many per page and it's annoying to scroll past them every time I reply/make a new thread, might we start 1) Deleting some or 2) Merging the contents so each subforum (IE Three Frags) isn't cluttered like someone's work desk?


Is scrolling REALLY that hard?


1) Most of them serve a purpose still and cant be deleted.
2) That defeats the purpose of the stickies, which is to be glaringly obvious to everyone who enters that forum.


Nazis, Communists and Antifa don't belong on FA
I really don't think we need stickies for trivial topics such as best video game music, Dwarf Fortress, PC specs, Second Life/Steam/PSN/XB360/WoW and general WoW banter to be stickied.


best video game music

This one, perhaps not.

Dwarf Fortress

This one yes. It's the forum collaborating in the game.

If it wasn't there, there'd be a new thread on it every couple weeks.

Second Life/Steam/PSN/XB360/WoW

Even with those there people STILL ignore them and make new threads about it. It deters some of the idiots though, and we get to yell at the ones that ignore them.

and general WoW banter to be stickied.



FAF's #1 Terrorist
The purpose of most of those threads are to keep new ones of the same kind from popping up too frequently (i.e. location shout outs) and to answer questions.


I must say, I have to agree, the enlarged thread rows in the new default theme do kinda add to the clutter of them a bit.