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Which type of skunk is the stinkiest?

  • Striped skunk

    Votes: 14 87.5%
  • Spotted skunk

    Votes: 2 12.5%

  • Total voters


Aussie foxy
We all know that skunks are stinky little critters, in more ways than one! They of course have their noxious spray which can knock out anything with a nose within a mile, but they're also amorous, sneaky, mischievous and down right diabolical!

But, there's more than one type of skunk (why oh why?), the two most common being the striped skunk and the spotted skunk. Which of these is the stinkiest overall in your opinion? (I know the bar is very low:p)

In my case, definitely the striped skunk, especially because of one particular individual;)


Well Known Foxxo
*cough* @Simo *cough* >.> I mean skunks? They're not smelly at all what are you talking about? :O


Tetched In The Head
I've only ever met striped skunks, so they'll have to get my vote. :p

At least I know of one skunk that doesn't stink.

Or maybe he does...

Massan Otter

I'm on the wrong continent to have ever actually smelled a skunk, but I figure that among furries, the striped skunk is your classic cartoon skunk that does skunk things.
I have been puzzled to encounter a couple of skunk furries who claim their fursonas are de-glanded or otherwise scentless. If you're going to be a skunk, where's the fun in that?