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Stories;; sfw and non


NOTE TO ADMINS;; if this isn't the right place, my bad :V

Okay, for a very short period of time I will open up three slots for commissioned writings, preferably smut writing, and because I'm VERY new to commissioned writing, we'll be doing this the very inexpensive way.

For every 1k written in a NSFW piece it will cost 1 USD (WAY under since I'm quite terrible at this and need to practice)
And for ever 1k written in a SFW piece it will cost 2 USD (STILL under priced, but I shall establish myself before I begin increasing prices as I'm a nub)

NOTE: These will all probably fall under 3k because I'm not a very fast writer and like my free time, but still want to get these out in a decent amount of time.

1 Ali -- Versai and Evander older, NSFW.

Please give me descriptions on what you would like written for you.
If I'm missing anything here, please tell me :I
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