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Story and Music thumbnails


New Member
For some reason, I've seen that recently the music and story thumbnails posted after a certain time have become HUGE on the artist's userpage (but would show up fine in the gallery page).

Is this just some sort of glitch, or are people now allowed to post higher quality artwork for those thumbnails?

(I looked to see if there were any other threads addressing this but couldn't find any. I apologize if there is one already.)


Unicorn and Rainbow Collector
I'd love to be able to upload higher res versions, or even... full pictures for cover art for stories since most of my gallery is stories and so it's full of crappy tiny thumbnails.

I noticed the big images too, and looked into it and here is what I found.

The system is creating 300x300 thumbnails for story and music thumbnails. Not just telling the browser to enlarge existing art.

However.. it's doing this by enlarging the 120x120 thumbnails. I did some tests, uploading resolution charts and there is no doubt. It's not using the high res versions I send, but scaling id down to 120 and then back up to 300.

Why? Well.. you got me. Maybe it's the first part of a resolution upgrade and we will get better quality thumbnails later. One can hope!