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(Commission) Selling: Story Commissions [Minimum $5, No Real Maximum]


Busy Writing... Probably... Or Procrastinating.
I recently re-opened my commissions after a long hiatus, and pretty much instantly ran into a problem. I'm currently at -$300, because Regions decided to pay all of my bills about a week or two after I went to pay them, and I obviously spent money within that week or two, so I ended up having to overdraft, then deal with overdraft fees. Because of that, I'm currently running a sale on my commissions until I can get back into the black.

My prices vary depending on how long you want the story to be, but I do have minimums. It can't be under 500 words for SFW stories, 333 words for Questionable stories, and 250 words for Explicit stories. Other than that, any word count is perfectly fine with me, as long as it's within reason. Don't expect me to take on this 50,000 word hardcore NSFW story you want written.

Without the 50% off, it's 2 cents per word for a SFW story, 3 cents per word for a Questionable story, and 4 cents per word for an Explicit story. If you're interested, I my submission form is located here. My terms of service is located here. Thanks in advance!