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Story Commissions Now Open [ 5 Slots at a Time]


Commission Work: Short Story and One-Off Writer!
Okay So if you all don’t know I’ve been writing on and off for the past year and to be honest my writting is not Shakespeare’s quality (English isn’t my first language) but I wanna start doing commissions to make a name for myself and earn money for art commissions as well as money to hire a proof reader fluent in English writing... but mainly yiff commissions :3

Anywho my prices below are as followed;

Action/Adventure (Max 10,000 words): $5
Romance (Max 6500-7500 words): $10
Other Generes: $5
It’s an extra $2 for more characters in your story. (Max 4 OCs cause I can’t balance out any more than that).

Please note that writing takes longer than drawing simply because their are more steps involved (at least for me I tend to force myself to make the art as perfect as possible).

If interested let me know also if you want examples of my work just let me know, I have both complete stories and some WIPs I have on hold.