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Hey guys! So this is gonna be my first set of commissions! I dunno how many I'll take but I'm not gonna overwhelm myself for my first time lol. Ok, enough of my running my mouth, no one wants to hear that! Let's get to the good stuff!

I charge $5 for every 250 words, and at the moment I'm only doing 250 words(keep in mind this is just a rough count, you'll never get under 250 words, but sometimes you might get a little more)

I'm ONLY doing SFW, now everyone knows what that means, but I won't mind to make things alittle PG-13 if you really want it to;)

I do curse a good amount in the stories I write, if you don't like that or you want more, don't be afraid to tell me!

At the moment of writing this it's 6:42 P.M. And I might work on stories a bit tonight, but more often than not stories will take anywhere from 5 hours to 3 days depending on if I have the time to work on it at the moment

Alright that's really all! Don't be afraid to say if you want a rad story written, cuse I don't bite!;)

EDIT:so I think right now I'm only gonna take 3 requests. I might raise or lower that number once I get my foot in the door and a better understanding of how this works, thanks guys!!!