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Story Trade for Ref of my fursona


New Member
Hey guys! I'm new here at Forums and well it's my first time also at FurAffinity for a couple of days. For anyways, I've been looking artists who are accepting requests but I do want a trade for reference of my fursona, which is a fox, name Trevor - Which doesn't have one, and I really want his reference.

Here's my writing style...
Never to be interrupted to the fox's attention, he came with a small smile on his face. And just like that, Trevor pulled himself into the world outside but his time was in acquiescence, already in such a blissful sentimentality, and he can't help but feel...Like it was just like my younger days... Thought the Yellow-Blue Fox.

And just like, that he was enthralled by the morning light and the ever-so-radiant sun...
So yeah, what do you think? I'm hoping one would make me my fursona's reference...

I'll be waiting then. Thanks in advanced who want trade and help me.