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Story/Writing Help or Commission


Lamenting Lynx
Greetings- not new to FA but a friend recommended I come here due to what I'm looking for.
I was wondering if there were any furs who liked to write or are very knowledgeable. I want to write with the intention of getting my thoughts and experiences of the nearly past year of my life into words. Essentially, I want to write a story/memoir/piece of literature, etc (whatever the correct word is) detailing my experience of breakups and betrayal last year. I apologize if this sounds cheesy or redundant, as undoubtedly most of us have some painful breakups throughout life. To clarify as I tend to stumble over myself or be confusing with my message, I want someone, who I'll inevitably befriend I imagine, to look over my writing and offer assistance. Alternatively, someone to help me write about my hardship last year with me providing details, etc.

Without sounding like a Ken, egotistical asshole, or something, I do ask if you're interested to have decent grammar/spelling fluency, and a genuine, continuous interest if you want to know me. I've noticed a lot of furs in the fandom do not, but it's especially important in this case as this is writing.

On a different note, if you'd like to know me, information can be found on my page. I am fine with being/making friends; however I do not really settle for shallow ones, small talk, or ones that are eager for the beginning messages then completely die down. I'm more of a "few close friends rather than a hundred acquaintances on a simple hi basis."

If interested, please message me here or the social media linked on my profile.