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Story/Writing Help or Friend


Lamenting Lynx
(Reposting Into The More Appropriate Thread)

Greetings- not new to FA but a friend recommended I come here due to what I'm looking for.
I was wondering if there were any furs who liked to write or are very knowledgeable. I want to write with the intention of getting my thoughts and experiences of the nearly past year of my life into words. Essentially, I want to write a story/memoir/piece of literature, etc (whatever the correct word is) detailing my experience of breakups and betrayal last year. I apologize if this sounds cheesy or redundant, as undoubtedly most of us have some painful breakups throughout life. To clarify as I tend to stumble over myself or be confusing with my message, I want someone, who I'll inevitably befriend I imagine, to look over my writing and offer assistance. Alternatively, someone to help me write about my hardship last year with me providing details, etc.

Without sounding like a Ken, egotistical asshole, or something, I do ask if you're interested to have decent grammar/spelling fluency, and a genuine, continuous interest if you want to know me. I've noticed a lot of furs in the fandom do not, but it's especially important in this case as this is writing.

On a different note, if you'd like to know me, information can be found on my page. I am fine with being/making friends; however I do not really settle for shallow ones, small talk, or ones that are eager for the beginning messages then completely die down. I'm more of a "few close friends rather than a hundred acquaintances on a simple hi basis."

If interested, please message me here or the social media linked on my profile.


reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
I am likely not the person that you are looking for as I cannot promise to follow through on this project. At this point, you and your story are completely unknown entities. Should you actually live close enough to me to meet over coffee or other beverage and talk face to face, then that could change. You see, some of us need a physical presence to relate to, before investing our time in someone else's life. Others may not have this particular hang-up and may be able to help you.

I would suggest that you write down your thoughts and save them in any case; in any form that comes out. Personal, emotionally charged writing may make little sense, at first. Review those written thoughts now and then to see if you can make your story more clear to yourself and, I presume, to readers of your biography. When that ideal person comes along to help you, you will then have a better start on this project of yours. Your helper won't have to invest as much of their time and effort in doing their part to complete your story.

Good luck.