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Straight, bi, or gay

I'm 100% straight. I'm single, and still a virgin (I don't wanna knock some chick up, are you joking me? I'm 18!). But I can act really gay some times (for comedic effect), and no. I find nothing wrong with hugging a guy who is my friend, even if they are gay/bi. I'm straight they know it, they're gay/bi and I know it. Who cares?

It won't change how much I like girls and how extremely perverted I actually am. I'm a guy, what did you expect?

As a side note, the last few girls I've had relationships with were all nut jobs and or cheating sluts. So I'm done with dating for a while.


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I'm bisexual. With my preferences running about 70/30, depending on my mood.


Well...I'd say Bi But its like Girls 25%(and slowly dropping) and Guys 75% So, Leaning toward gay

And im in high school ^^;


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The question that really should be asked is: "Can someone be gay and straight, but not bi?"

That'll make my brain explode.
TheRedRaptor said:
My Sexual Disorientation is Seriously Bent

That's a good one. I like to feel like I'm like that, but I tend to gravitate towards certain qualities, and away from others, so I don't give myself that label. :p

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Next time somebody calls you gay, ask them what's wrong with being happy.

As for myself, I'm a whatever homosexual slur you want to use.


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i can say at this point i do believe that i could be bi, but im not so sure. im more leaning towards girls at this point


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I'm bisexual. My preference to the sexes is kind of 60/40.

I love girls and their boobies and all, but the penis is a wonderful thing I don't dare to give up.

think that TRULY, if a REAL futanari girl were to exist, I'd like that. Like GENUINELY female but with a genuine penis.

I also like the idea of herms.

As of what ROSETHESEXKITTEN said is what I am And my thoughts


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If y'all must know... I'm pansexual. XD *leans mostly towards guys* *single as well* *shrugs*


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im bi in reality as well but this shep can go for one fur and one only


Oddly enough, I'm straight in real life, yet when it comes to furries, I think I'm gay. Although oddly enough, I'm not turned on by erections, but by sheaths.

I know, my mind is...mind-boggleing. I've been like that since I was a kid :/


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same thing happens to me nimhster