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Straight Male Furs


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Straight female here, also potentially already taken depending on how things go with the next couple of dates... My belief on the whole thing is that Love is Limitless, so as long as you and your partner are happy it doesn't matter what you are.


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Unless you're only attracted to one gender :/


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I like penis. I'll let you all (except for the old FaF jerkdicks) guess the sexuality. :V

Considering the issue of male internet dominance. I'd say it's a 0.3% probability that you are straight.


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It's weird how they justify their heterosexuality. They are just into anthro guys, so they're still straight. Not much the other way around.


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I'd like to say I was conventional in the sex and gender department, just to add to this thread. But alas, I am a typical scatterbrained(or scattervaginad) special snowflake *sigh*. Bi/pan/omni/whatever you want to call not giving a shitsexual, female and okay with it, but with quite a few male mental traits and I get a kick out of acting or dressing the boy sometimes. I find my rather neotenous femaleness a good blank canvas for cross dressing, it's so much easier for a girl to pull of being a boy than it is the other way round.


it's so much easier for a girl to pull of being a boy than it is the other way round.

Fuckin' tell me about it sister.
Hopefully a decent eyebrow waxing will actually help me out in that department. And a few more years on HRT. And possibly a chin shave, if needed. And laser hair removal... oh, and voice therapy. Hours of practice. ... Being trans kinda sucks sometimes. Occasionally I really really wish I was straight-cis-gendered-default-setting whatever, but alas, I tried it for 22 years. Didn't work. Not in the slightest. I'm on a good path now though.


Im straight don't fancy men at all.

What about toast?
Do you fancy some toast?
What about some tea?
Or a crumpet?
Perhaps a crepe?
Have you ever fancied something fancy?
Have you had a fancy fancy?
Fancy fancy fancy?
Fancied fancy fancy-fan-fancy?
I was pretty sure I was straight back when I was in high school, but I guess that was because I had never been with anyone. Met a nice guy and found out that I'm fine either way though, so I guess I turned out to be bi (although I guess there are a few complicating factors).


I am straight....but I am also bi-curious. Not sure if that removes my straight sexuality or not.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
I am straight....but I am also bi-curious. Not sure if that removes my straight sexuality or not.
Not if you don't want it to. Sexuality is pretty fluid. If you feel straight (and many heterosexuals have the odd gay fantasy anyway) then call yourself that.
If you don't, then tweak your "label" to fit your stance, there is a while lexicon of sexuality terms out there.
Please note that I am not attacking anyone's orientation. It seems that the fandom is pretty devoid of male furries who are interested in female furries exclusively. I guess I am a minority being a straight female furry but maybe I am missing the fact that gay furries tend to be more active in the fandom. I know that furries are still a fringe group so maybe that's the reason. However, I am just noting that there seem to be few straight male furries.

I'm interested in furries exclusively. Humans just aren't very attractive to me. A person's species is more important to me than a person's gender, although I lean mostly toward female furs.


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ITT: "Hey guys im straight but occasionally enjoy cock"

At least have the balls (heheheh) to say your bisexual.
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I am str8. 2. I have just recently rejoined the site. My old account,.. I forgot the password and don't use the email it was set up with. I am technically not a furry, but a feathered. =) When I went to the Pittsburgh FurCon a couple of times, it did seem more populated with gays, but I do feel that there isn't a large difference in the population of gay furs to straight furs. No Biggie.... OK maybe there might me. But us straight one's do exist. It's all good.


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Well, I do tend to appreciate the female form...albeit from a discrete distance so they don't get creeped out...or expect free drinks.


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As a female fur that's been around a while, I have actually noticed a huge rise in straight furs, or more bi furs coming out that they prefer women overall. Even over the course of a year I noted a ton more straight couples at Rainfurrest then last year. Also, I noted a ton more females, period.

This being said, as a striaght, yet accepting female, I have never had an issue. There are some weird issues with "ew your a girl" but that has been so rare I wouldn't isolate it to the fandom at all. There is no reason to feel strange about it, this is a great fandom with awesome folks (and some complete idiots) - I wouldn't worry about it.